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200611033.pdf.jpg2008Application of BTrees in data miningJotwani, Naresh D.; Srivastava, Amit
200511006.pdf.jpg2007Channel quality prediction and localizationJotwani, Naresh D.; Patel, Animesh
200611034.pdf.jpg2008Collaborative filtering approach with decision tree techniqueJotwani, Naresh D.; Srivastava, Anit
200411026.pdf.jpg2006Decoupling delay and bandwidth in stateless core networksJotwani, Naresh D.; Shah, Parag
200411040.pdf.jpg2006Efficient algorithms for hierarchical online rule miningJotwani, Naresh D.; Banda, Kishore Kumar
2007Fair downlink packet scheduling approach to support QoS in HSDPA environmentJotwani, Naresh D.; Singhal, Deepti
200511024.pdf.jpg2007Mining effective association rules using support-conviction frameworkJotwani, Naresh D.; Sharma, Adarsh
200311013.pdf.jpg2005Optimum network utilization using fortz-thorup methodJotwani, Naresh D.; Thomas, Shabu
200511008.pdf.jpg2007Packet scheduling algorithm to improve delay bounds in HSDPAJotwani, Naresh D.; Pradhan, Pratik
200211034.pdf.jpg2004Performance analysis of diffServ multicast (DSMCAST) for heterogeneous receiversJotwani, Naresh D.; Bhatt, Amee
200311035.pdf.jpg2005Performance analysis of fair schedulers under heterogeneous trafficJotwani, Naresh D.; Changela, Jasankumar R.
200211038.pdf.jpg2004Performance analysis of MPEG traffic under deficit round Robin SchedulerJotwani, Naresh D.; Bavishi, Hardik N.
200611047.pdf.jpg2008Performance analysis of TCP over enhanced UMTS networkJotwani, Naresh D.; Mathur, Rahul
200411022.pdf.jpg2006Performance evaluation of differentiated services over MPLSJotwani, Naresh D.; Jain, Monika Ganpatlal
200211005.pdf.jpg2004Processor allocation for parallel applications in computing clusterJotwani, Naresh D.; Gajjar, Mrugesh R.
200411023.pdf.jpg2006Speech driven facial animation systemJotwani, Naresh D.; Singh, Archana
200611006.pdf.jpg2008Study of bayesian learning of system characteristicsJotwani, Naresh D.; Sharma, Abhishek
200611038.pdf.jpg2008Use of collaborative filtering for targeted advertisingJotwani, Naresh D.; Upadhyay, Ankur
200611036.pdf.jpg2008Use of probabilistic context free grammar for natural language interface for an applicationJotwani, Naresh D.; Agarwal, Chetan
200511015.pdf.jpg2007Web content outlier detection using latent semantic indexingJotwani, Naresh D.; Paluri, Santosh Kumar